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  • Which hearing aid will work best for me?
    Our audiologists will help you choose the best solution for you. Your communication needs, lifestyle, type, degree and configuration of your hearing loss, the shape of your ear, cosmetic preferences and budget must all be coordinated to find the right hearing instrument(s) for you. As you need some time to adjust to the technology, once fitted, we will closely monitor your progress to ensure that the technology is fitting correctly and meeting your needs.
  • How can I care for my hearing aid?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions, we are committed to educating you on how to properly maintain your hearing instruments and will provide you with the necessary tools. We offer complimentary cleaning and checkups to protect your investment.
  • Is there a testing fee?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions, there is an assessment fee for our full diagnostic assessment. We take you through a 3-step process to find out what is going on with your hearing - the interview, the diagnostic examination, and treatment solutions. This thorough test takes about one hour, and it is deducted from the cost of any hearing instrument purchased from us within six months of testing. Be skeptical of clinics that offer "free" hearing tests as the procedure is usually just a hearing screening, which does not reveal underlying medical conditions associated with the hearing loss. Be aware that prices of the hearing aids may be inflated as a result of the free test or that there may be hidden conditions such as being free only if you order a hearing aid that same day.
  • Do you offer hearing aids from a variety of world-leading manufacturers?
    Advanced Hearing Solutions offers hearing instruments from most major international manufacturers. Having access to a large line enables us to find the best solutions for your hearing needs. Beware of "factory direct" or big box store hearing aids. While they may look the same, there are big differences in the features and software which makes them not serviceable and not programmable at other reputable hearing clinics. Follow-up services at these places may be very pricey or very limited.
  • Do you offer a wide variety of technologies and styles of hearing aids?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions Inc., all styles of instruments are available from behind-the-ear to the tiny invisible in the canal aids. We offer all levels of digital technology from basic to the most advanced cutting-edge systems. Our audiologists will help choose the best solution for you. Your communication needs, lifestyle, type of hearing loss, the shape of your ear, cosmetic preferences, and budget must all be coordinated to find the right one for you.
  • What is your follow-up program once fitted with new hearing aids?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions, multiple appointments will be offered to you during the first 90 days to verify that the technology meets your needs and to assist you in your journey to better hearing. Once you have successfully completed the trial period, we want to be sure that your technology is well-maintained and functioning appropriately through complimentary appointments every few months. Periodically we will test your hearing and reprogram the instruments to accommodate any hearing changes. Beyond the warranty, we will continue to validate that the treatment plan and technology are meeting your needs.
  • Can hearing aids be returned if not satisfactory?
    All instruments purchased at Advanced Hearing Solutions Inc. are returnable within the first 90 days. The cost of the hearing aids is refundable in full minus the audiological assessment fee. Be aware of financial penalties via restocking or return fees that many clinics apply. They can be very high.
  • Do you have qualified audiologists?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions Inc., our professional staff includes highly trained audiologists that are nationally certified and provincially licensed. They have many years of experience and receive many hours of continuing education annually.
  • What should I do with my old hearing aids?
    At Advanced Hearing Solutions, we donate your old hearing aids to Little Miracles Foundation in Lima, Peru. Check out our Community Page to find out more.

A Few Things You Need to Know about Hearing Aids

Advanced Hearing Solutions Inc. is an independent business providing hearing healthcare for over 20 years in the Lower Mainland area. We are located at three locations and offer high-quality hearing aids, and also service hearing aids of all makes and models. Our certified and experienced audiologists can help you with all your hearing needs. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about hearing aids. Call us to fix an appointment with our audiologists.

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