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Experience Clarity With Advanced Hearing Solutions

Unlock a World of Sound with Our Certified Audiologists and State-of-the-Art Hearing Aids

Serving the Lower Mainland for over 25 years

Independent Audiologist That Offers More Brand Selection Of Hearing Aids Than Other Audiologists In The Lower Mainland.

100% 5 Star Google Reviews

Advanced Personalization: Offering Tailored Hearing Solutions for Unique Needs

Ear Exam

From Pediatric to Adult Hearing Services

We provide audiological services to children (as young as five years) and adults. We understand that each of our clients has different hearing concerns and unique needs. Each client is treated with the utmost care, respect and privacy.

Our Services


We are an authorized provider of services to private and third-party claimants. Hearing aids are not currently covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of British Columbia. However, extended health benefit plans may provide some reimbursement. Many customers may be entitled to coverage. Our audiologists can help you apply for hearing loss benefits. We are providers for:

Brands We Source Our Hearing Aids From

At Advanced Hearing Solutions, our independent status sets us apart, providing a distinct advantage in the hearing care industry. Unlike many clinics tied to specific brands, we offer a diverse selection of hearing aids from a variety of top manufacturers. This flexibility ensures that we can find the perfect hearing aid tailored to each individual's unique hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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