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We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers , and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting , making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

D.C., West Vancouver

“I was having problems hearing in all situations and other hearing clinics could not meet my needs. I purchased a hearing aid at Advanced hearing Solutions and it opened up a whole new world for me! I recommend Advanced hearing Solutions because they are excellent and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Olga Mills, Surrey

“I was very deaf and people were always mad at me for being deaf. They told me to go get help and a friend recommend that I go to Advanced Hearing Solutions. After I got the hearing aids I have been hearing great. I recommend Advanced hearing Solutions because I have received very good service over the past 15 years from them and the girls are right there to help.”

Agnes McCluskey, Surrey

“I had difficulties hearing. Since getting new hearing aids my hearing has improved considerably. I recently enjoyed watching the movie “Fiddler on the Rood” streaming from the TV through blue tooth in to my hearing aids. I received many repeat visits during my trial period and the service was excellent.”

Tom Mortimer, Surrey

“I was unable to hear words in music and on the TV and while working in the warehouse I could not hear clearly what people were saying. I recently came to Advanced hearing Solutions for new hearing aids and now my hearing is so awesome! I wear them 20 hours a day and get such clarity in TV, music, movies and on the phone. I love to stream music from my blue tooth device to my music-hungry and sound-hungry ears! I received excellent service at Advanced Hearing Solutions and it sure opened a door for me to other doors, and now I’m enjoying a more social life.”

Keith Prater, Langley

“I first began noticing an issue with my hearing when I had difficulties in meetings around a conference table. I’d have to arrange to sit near people who spoke softly. I was aware that I had difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments and with music playing in the background. Then I noticed that I couldn’t hear the high frequency part of a police siren. It sounded like someone had turned the siren off near the top of the wail then turned it back on when the pitch came down. Then of course, there were the complaints from my wife that I didn’t hear or misunderstood her.”

“I finally made the decision and when to Advanced hearing Solutions in Langley. There I met Georgia Pinkett who tested my hearing and told me that my hearing in most of the range was normal, but that I significant hearing loss at high frequencies. I gave in and ordered hearing aids. I was surprised as how light and unobtrusive they were and then I noticed that I could hear birds again! I haven’t been aware of how much I had been missing.”

“I have had an excellent experience with Advanced hearing Solutions. Georgia is knowledgeable and helpful. She has always supported and stood by her products. If I need an adjustment I go in and there’s no charge.”

“I’ve been so pleased with Advanced hearing Solutions that, when, after several years, it was time for improved hearing aids, as my hearing deteriorated a bit further, I went to Georgia. She fitted me with new technology hearing aids that shift some of the high frequency sound I was missing to lower frequencies, where my hearing is better. I’m delighted with them.”

“I would recommend to anyone who is dithering about whether they would benefit from hearing aids to contact Advanced hearing Solutions. Get it done! It’s worth it!”

Wendy MacInnes, Langley

“Hearing loss can be extremely frustrating and life changing. The adjustment to wearing a hearing aid can be just as frustrating and difficult. However, as a long-time client of Advanced Hearing Solutions, my experience has always been positive. Georgia shows infinite patience and extensive knowledge and understanding, making adjustments, providing reassurance and always putting my needs first.”

“As a long-time experience hearing aid user, I highly recommend Advanced Hearing Solutions for their expertise and satisfying results.”

Joanne Jackson, Langley

“I had a noticeable hearing loss and co-workers recommend getting my hearing checked. Sometimes I had trouble making out what people were saying. It was as if they were speaking a different language.”

“With hearing aids, I am now able to hear what people are saying.”

“I would recommend Advanced Hearing Solutions. I find the service excellent and I feel Georgia takes a personal interest in my care. I don’t feel I’m put down or being talked into something I’m not ready for or don’t want.”

Joyce Ansley, West Vancouver

“My family kept telling me to get my hearing checked, so I did and found out that I had a hearing loss which required hearing aids. The result was positive – I could hear!”

“My first experience with Advanced hearing Solutions in Surrey and now in West Vancouver since my move.”

“I have been so pleased with the help I have received.”

Jack, West Vancouver

“In approaching Advanced Hearing Solutions, the kindly staff quickly put me at ease, assessing and prescribing for me in a professional manner. I am very satisfied with their services, and would recommend Advanced hearing Solutions to my friends.”

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